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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ignatius Rautenbach

“Iggy” is an accomplished Technical Strategist with an impressive portfolio spanning artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges, strategic negotiations, project management, team leadership, international corporate establishment, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), and a profound understanding of legal intricacies.

As a visionary and futurist, Iggy excels in high-level professional circles, collaborating with distinguished individuals, including Ph.D. scholars, mathematical luminaries, quantum physicists, C-Level executives, and other accomplished experts across diverse industries. His expertise and networking capabilities make him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

Iggy is well-prepared to guide organisations to excel in technology, expand globally, and achieve strategic success in our rapidly changing business world. His passion for innovation, legal expertise, and visionary thinking make him an ideal leader for this journey

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